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Insulation Removal

Bats, rats, raccoons, and even otters—we’ve seen them all! While these furry little critters may look cute, they can cause a lot of damage and destruction in your home. They often pull-down or shred, and burrow in, your insulation and leave their droppings and urine everywhere. An infestation is unpleasant and smelly, and it can compromise the R-value and effectiveness of your insulation. It’s a common problem for homeowners and cause for a cleanout!

We offer free local site visits for a quote on our cleanout services. Once the homeowner or pest control company has eliminated the problem, we will conduct a complete cleaning of your crawlspace or attic, including the removal and disposal of all insulation. We then do a thorough HEPA vacuuming of the area(s), which is followed by a disinfecting and deodorizing treatment. Remember, it’s important to block any entry points and have repairs completed before installing your new insulation. If you need any referrals for reputable companies, we’re happy to help with that as well!

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Rodents and other pests can destroy the insulation in your attic

We use the Cool Machine's Cool Vac 11 to vacuum out insulation quickly and efficiently.

We use the Cool Machine’s Cool Vac 11
to vacuum out insulation quickly and efficiently.


I just wanted to personally thank you all for the great job that you did in putting my house back in good shape. You showed us that there are still people out there that will do what is right and not try to overcharge you. You and your staff are to be commended. By looking at the photos I can see it all looks great and that you take pride in what you do. I will ensure I check the attics every year from now on and I definitely know who to call (or recommend to others) if I see anything suspicious.

Rick Vinet, Courtenay

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