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Asbestos Sampling

Due to its many beneficial qualities, such as fire resistance and sound proofing, asbestos was once very popular and it can be found in many building materials:  drywall mud, sheet vinyl flooring (lino), vinyl floor tiles, ceiling texture, vent wrap and vermiculite insulation. WorkSafe Asbestos House 

If your home was built in 1991 or earlier and you are planning any renovations, or simply want to know for knowledge purposes, the material can be analyzed to determine if asbestos is present or not. To ensure that the proper sample size and material is taken safely, it is recommended that a qualified technician do the sampling. 

Our AHERA certified technician will take the material from a discreet location and will send it to the lab for analysis. Prices are based on requested turn around time and type of material.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a free local sampling appointment.

We were thrilled with the work that Home SOULutions did for us in removing the asbestos in our home. Corae and Roy's customer service was outstanding. No matter how many questions we had, they were answered promptly and completely whether it had to do with the process, gaining more knowledge or the service itself. Roy and his crew were knowledgeable, friendly, clean and on time. We even got to start the process early which was a huge help for the renovation we were wanting to begin. A follow up visit from Sue Johnson, complete with flowers, was an unexpected delightful surprise. We highly recommend Home SOULutions for any remediation work. The process, the work and the customer service were second to none. Thank you!

Linda Oprica and David Muir, Cumberland


Want to Know More?

Asbestos fibres are too small to see with the naked eye. The only way to be sure if asbestos is present is to have the materials tested.

Home SOULutions Remediation will be pleased to come and collect samples of material for you if you are doing a small renovation project such as removing a wall or some flooring - or if you have vermiculite insulation in your attic. Roy Piper possesses his AHERA certification. This means we have been trained in the proper protocols for sample collection. We will take these samples to the lab for you and have them tested. The amount of samples needed for collection and your timeline for results will determine the cost for this service.

If you are conducting a large-scale renovation project or planning a demolition we recommend that you have a complete hazardous materials survey conducted directly by an environmental lab.

Homeowner Obligations

Homeowner Obligations

Homeowners are responsible for the safety of any workers on their property. They are also responsible for keeping any disturbed asbestos from entering the air, which could potentially be harmful to the public.

Quote on ACM Removal

Quote on ACM Removal

Many factors determine the cost of abatement:   the type(s) of material the amount of it (the time it takes to remove it plus disposal costs) its location (overhead, for example, will require air monitoring and change the work procedures involved.) The discovery of...

Asbestos Removal – a DIY job?

Asbestos Removal – a DIY job?

So you want to take down a wall in your home because It will make your home a little bit more open concept. Simple right? If your home was built before 1991 this might not be so simple.If you home was built before 1991 it may contain asbestos which we know can cause...