YER Renewal of Two Year Funding

This was a very pleasant message that landed in our Inbox this morning. Well done to Wendy Kotilla for the good work she does in the Comox Valley.


WendyK_webHi All,
I am very excited to inform you that the Youth and Ecological Restoration Program (YER) has been funded for another two years.  Attached is a letter that was sent to Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to acknowledge receipt of the contract renewal.  A special thank you to the individuals and organizations that sent YER letters of support.
The spring is a busy time for YER as there are juvenile salmon to count when they migrate out of our streams to the ocean; native plants to plant; invasive plant species removal, helping sick and injured birds, water quality monitoring and many other ecological activities for youth to be involved with.  Thanks to all the Comox Valley environmental organizations that keep us busy helping with local projects.
The youth work 20 hours, and then receive $50 and a letter of reference on completion of the program.  The program can also be used to complete community service hours and work experience requirements through School District #71.  YER provides transportation from their home to the job site and back home again, as well as lunch, wet weather gear and any equipment required.  Check out the YER website at  If you know of any youth that would be interested in participating with YER, please contact me and let the youth know about the website.  Feel free to forward this email to anyone else who might be interested.  YER has been in operation since July 2004 and I look forward to working with Comox Valley youth for another two years.

Click here to view Wendy’s letter to MCFD.


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Pieter Vorster is a professional communicator with more than a decade of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing, publishing, public relations and education. He is passionate about making a difference, surfing (and most other adventure sports), traveling, graphic novels and on-line communication opportunities. He now calls the Comox Valley home and lives there with his wife Caila and his daughters Juniper and Wren.

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