Other portfolio projects…

We’ve been busy building online homes for a variety of clients. Have a look at some of our work:


  • www.keepingitliving.ca – To protect and restore the Courtenay River Estuary.
  • www.imaginecomoxvalley.ca – To achieve the legislative & regulatory changes required to ensure a sustainable future for the Comox Valley. (Voluntary site)
  • www.thebrokenspoke.ca – Bicycle Shop – Coffee Shop – Meeting Place (Done as a collaborative effort between Mike and Pieter.)
  • www.creeksidecommons.net – A Courtenay-based cohousing community of 36 privately owned homes with multigenerational and diverse households sharing common spaces, activities, and equipment. Respect for the environment is one of their highest values.
  • www.lushvalley.org – A non-profit charitable community food security partner who strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of the Comox Valley food system.
  • www.SueMoenforVancouverIslandNorth.ca – An easy-edit campaign site for the Green Party representative for the VIN riding.
  • www.cvts.ca-  The Comox Valley Transition Society is a feminist non-profit agency offering supportive programs that provide safety, security and promote personal well-being and the prevention of violence, through the provision of a safe shelter, counselling, education and advocacy.
  • www.zocalocafe.ca - Your Courtenay gathering place.
  • www.islandstretch.com – Comox Valley limousine service.
  • www.redgiants.ca – What is Sepak takraw you ask? Visit the Red Giants – Comox Valley Chapter site to find out. (Sponsored site.)
  • www.citizenclass.ca – Misadventures in amateur racing and freelance sports journalism
  • www.cvboxingclub.com – Welcome to the Dogpound!