Project Watershed Society

Website rationale:

To answer the need for an integrated landing page and clean, simple design that accommodates the viewers ease of instant access to multiple affiliate websites (topics), the Enfold Theme by Kriesi was chosen for its flexibility, features and consistent clean content. This theme was further developed using the CSS editing function of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to fit the design requirements of the site. The main navigation is organised into broad categories, allowing access to more specific features – loosely based on the old site – and follows guidelines directly developed with the organisation.

  • Google account - A branded account was created with the world’s most popular search engine and linked to the online network of related sites and other links. This account is also used to manage the organisations online calendar, documents, images and video through YouTube.
  • Facebook page - To ensure we add the world’s 3rd largest search engine and arguably most popular online social medium to our network a page was established on www.facebook.com. This page is automatically updated with any blog posts made through the website via the Notes application, keeping it current and interesting to visitors.
  • Blog - A blog element is integrated into the website, allowing multiple contributors to post info relevant to the organisation and its goals. This blog forms the heart of the external communications network and is used as the point of origin for all outgoing public information.

Although these elements comprise the basis of the social media system, it is certainly not limited to their use. Staff, volunteers and community members can access information about and links to the organistion through a variety of channels and sources, often through personal accounts. More importantly, they can then share this information and links with their personal networks.

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