North Island Compassion Club

After the recent proceedings surrounding the North Island Compassion Club and the case against Ernie Yacub, the need for fundraising towards the legal fund became top priority. Towards this goal CP-SMS has updated the Cannabis for Health website.

  1. Click here to read a news article about proceedings as published in the Comox Valley Record.
  2. Click here to find out more about the Cannabis Conversations with Mr. Grey, Mayor of Kelowna on the Cannabis for Health website.
  3. Click here to view the uncut video of the press conference after the North Island Compassion Club was raided on the Cannabis for Health website.

CP-SMS and the NICC encourage everyone that agrees with the principle that marijuana has positive qualities and should be legalised to visit the updated website, view the information contained there, leave your comments and if at all possible make a contribution towards the legal fund by donating via the Paypal button.

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Client Testimonial

CP-SMS has provided ongoing support to our cause through a variety of online initiatives and we are grateful for his time, energy and skills.
– Ernie Yacub - Director, North Island Compassion Club - http://cannabisforhealth.ca/