We provide the following services:

  • Practical guidance in on-line communications applications i.e. how to use your existing online communications system to reach your audience more effectively.

  • Development and implementation of suggested applications to form a manageable social media network.

  • Non-profit communications consulting and implementation.

  • Fundraising through cw$.

  • Access to an easy, entry-level Content Management System (CMS) through at: (Developed by some fellow web enthusiasts from Parksville!)

  • Access to hosting through at a set discounted price.

  • Videography – specifically mid-level short productions with a focus on content development and documentation purposes. (Sub-contracted)

  • Photography – specifically high-quality images adapted for web usage i.e. content building, sharing purposes. (Subcontracted)

Contact us directly for more information on what services we offer.


“Fact is, a lot of people are on Facebook. If they can do that, they can do a blog.” Angela Burns, Chief Editor,