(from Greek: palin- again, + genesis- becoming, birth) re-born from the belief that creative adaptation is among the most precious of the attributes we humans possess

~ as well as a nice acronym ~

We’re a small creative studio who passionately believes that current online resources, like easy-edit websites, blogs, Facebook/Twitter accounts, etc., allow almost anyone with access to the Internet, and a bit of savvy, to deliver a message to a conceivably global audience. (Personally we kind of like where we live and try to keep things local.)

After more than a decade of marketing, publishing, and communications (online and off) experience we can confidently provide other members of our community (local and global) with personal, practical guidance in the basic tools of social media, empowering them to find their own online presence.

Often these folks are busy doing what they do best, so they prefer to pay us a set hourly rate to establish an online presence for them and keep it updated. But what we like best is when we get to sit down together and give you information and tips on the (best-suited) tools to do it yourself - and then try and make ourselves available for assistance while you learn.

We are web developers who tend to do basic design work while establishing online elements. For more intensive design work we will refer you to some of our collaborators. Same thing goes for certain kinds of content development, like videography and photography. In fact, if we feel you have need of an online presence that exceeds our abilities to administer, odds are we will refer you to some of our fellow web workers who specialize in that sort of thing.

Being a small business with activist tendencies, we favor non-profit organisations and fellow small business owners while remaining game for anything…  Contact us and we’ll do our best to find a social media solution with you. 

Pieter Vorster

Pieter Vorster


Pieter Vorster is a professional communicator with more than a decade of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing, publishing, public relations and education.

Since arriving in the Comox Valley in late 2008, Pieter has been working on his home-based business Continual Palingenesis – aiming to help small business and non-profit organisations establish and maintain professional up-to-date communications systems and empowering members of the public through personal, practical guidance in the basic tools of social media. Read more …

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